Monday, October 27, 2008

An Attempt To Better Myself

I'm a huge reader. Mostly what I read falls in to the fantasy or horror categories with the occasional mystery/thriller thrown in. But occasionally I pick one of the classics that I wasn't forced to read in school, so I know what the big deal is and I can say I've read it.

I read Les Miserables a few years back and it's amazing. I cried at the end. On the other hand I totally get why there is an abridged version. Victor Hugo paints vivid word pictures but I don't need a whole chapter describing the entire battle of Waterloo just so you can include a paragraph where one character meets the other characters dad. I am glad I read it but it was an effort.

I never finished the Hunchback of Norte Dame (also by Victor Hugo) although it's considerably shorter. I just didn't like any of the characters and didn't care what happened to them.

I've generally enjoyed Dickens, I love Shakespeare, and I'm big fan of Jane Austin.

Yesterday I finished reading Wuthering Heights. It's well written and the story is interesting enough to make me keep reading but good lord what a pack of totally unpleasant people. Why is this considered a great romance? I didn't find it the least bit romantic. In my opinion Cathy liked the attention and Heathcliff was in love with an idea not a person. I don't recommend it.

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p0nk said...

if you liked victor hugo, you might try some dostoevsky or tolstoy