Tuesday, September 2, 2008

None Of My Exes Live In Texas

As I made clear here we've been considering leaving California. Now we aren't in a position where we can move yet but I've been researching places we might move just to keep hope alive that someday we might live someware nice where the cost of living won't burry us and people don't throw rocks through our windows.

The place I've been recently concidering was McKinney TX. The median home price is in the low $200,000's. The schools are good. The crime is low. It was one of Money magazines best places to live for 2007. But I still wondered what's it really like? Would I like living there? Are there things to do we would enjoy? Faithfull Google answered my question. They have wineries. SOLD!

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Michelle said...

*runs to mapquest where that is*

Outskirts of Dalas...wouldn't be too bad. I had a friend that lived in Dalas and a few that are there now. My sister is wanting to settle near Houston. What's the fascination with TX lately? :)

I've been to Houston, it's hot and humid but it was nice to me. I'd say take a trip there if you can.

http://www.texrenfest.com/ if you have any interest. :)

The housing is good value there it seems, if you can get jobs etc. We're toying with the idea of going down there someday too.