Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is Gambit. He's a Golden Retriever mix. We adopted him from Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue when he was about a year old. He is incredibly smart and just sweet as can be. He had a couple weird habits when we got him which made me wonder what had happened to him before he got to us. Eventually I got his records from the rescue people and I was appalled. He'd been surrendered to the pound because he was to high energy and there was a note on his medical records from his vets office that said "If it doesn't hurt he won't learn". Luckily the rescue people came and got him out of the pound and fostered him until he found a home with us. We've had him for almost 8 years now and he's gotten over most of his skittish behaviors but I do want to say 2 things about his past.

#1 research BEFORE you adopt a pet. Puppies are high energy and so are Golden Retrievers if that's not what you want you should get a 6 year old Basset Hound or something. (BTW I did research the bunnies before I adopted them but every thing I read was wrong, however I'm still gonna take care of them because I'm responsible that way)

#2 yes discipline is necessary when you're raising a pet however inflicting pain is not. Do you need to beat your children to teach them? No? Then you don't need to traumatize a dog either.

Homeward bound is a great cause. If you can donate money, toys, food, or time they could really use it. There are also other wonderful rescue groups out there for other breeds and types of animals.

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jaime said...

hi! my last dog, a Rottweiler, was a rescue pet we adopted from ASPCA. they say he was probably a few years old when we got him and he was the BEST DOG! you would've thought we had him his whole life. I truly think he was greatful we took him in and therefore was a wonderful dog. We had to put him down about 2 years ago and it was a very sad day. i miss him, and would love to get another rescue pet.

ok, i'm gonna go take a peek at your other posts!