Thursday, June 12, 2008

Conversation with a friend

Me: I got Fiona a bat costume for Halloween. I love me some bats.

R: Oh Sweet! I love me some bats too.

Me: Bats are cool. I would totally have one as a pet but Dave won't let me

R: What if you accidentally "found" a bat?

Me: Hmmm. Maybe someday when we don't already have six pets. Plus they might try to eat each other.

R: That is true. You don't want to incite a bunny-bat fight

Me. No that would be.....actually if I televised it I could make bank!

R: I know I'd pay to see that. Could be the cock fights of the new millennium

Me: Yeah I'll have to think this through.

R: It's one of those ideas that sounds good in theory, but really neither of us would want to see a bunny and a bat do anything but snuggle and give each other baths

Me: Now that sounds like porn.

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