Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saga of the tiny paperclip villagers who worship the volcano on my desk Part 1

At dawn as the sun rises Pape the high priestess gazes at the volcano still obscured by mist and feels dread. There has not been an eruption for some time now but the occasional rumbles and shakes have been coming more frequently and the villagers know this means danger. Pape sighs and turns to look at the village seeing the first movements as the people begin the daily work of life. ,"It is the only way" she says and sighs again. There are rituals that must be performed to honor the fire goddess who lives in the volcano and Pape performs them diligently but sometimes the fire goddess demands more. Pape knows the only way to possibly stop the eruption that they all believe will come is a sacrifice. Sometimes even that does not appease the fire goddess. A victim will need to be chosen and soon.

To be continued....

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