Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Push the botton Max-The Great Race

A little bit of family jargon (you know, the little in jokes and phrases that outsiders won't always understand). These are words/phrases I grew up with and only recently realized not everyone else uses.

Oh no fluffy=Oh no (okay that one's kinda self explanatory) it's from some book my parents read as kids.

Fly Spanker=Fly swatter.

Wadged=This one actually came from my Moms mom and is basically the same as wadded

Boots=What we always announce is inside any flat gift. It started with records but then when CD's came out I insisted they must be ankle boots.

A box and something in it=A quote from the Fairytale Theatre production of The Frog Prince* and what we all say to any other shape of gift.

All day (said as a sigh)=A quote from Professor Wormbog and the Gloomy Kerplopis by Mercer Mayer. "He sat around and sighed all day."


Destructions=Instructions that aren't working out so well

42=The answer any time someone asks a question (yeh that one's probably not just my family)

Push the button Max=A quote from The Great Race. Also what I tell Fiona every time I let her help me turn on the dryer and if I forget and just say "push the button" she will correct me. I love passing these things on for future generations to be confused by.

*Okay I can't embed this but here's the link to the video. The quote is around the 3 minute mark if you want to fast forward.

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Roses said...

My parents always say, "Open the door, Richard".

I think Mom once claimed it's from a song. But I've never heard it.