Sunday, March 8, 2009

Payback is Me

This is Mr. Freckles. He is a butt head and picks on Blondiebear who is the smallest of the bunnies. As he's really really fast and I can't catch him to stop him or try to punish him I'm going with public humiliation. Sure he's a rabbit and does not have Internet access but it makes me feel better also I gave Blondiebear a carrot and stood over him so Freckles and his sidekick Smokey couldn't take it away. Bet ya didn't know there was so much drama in bunny culture.


Chazya said...

I've heard bunnies can be litter box trained, how well does that go?

Dani said...

Well I did box train them and it worked pretty well at first but their instinct is to go in the same place which they determine by smell so they started going next to the box and then all bets were off. This is part of why they now live outside. Actually they're much happier out there so it's a win win.