Monday, October 6, 2008

Movies That Are Supposed to be Romantic but Fail Misserably

1. My Fair Lady-First off Rex Harrison is probably the least appealing leading man in history, secondly his character is a pompous windbag, thirdly he treats her like crap. Personally were I Audrey Hepburn I'd tell him exactly where he could put his slippers.

2. Grease-I know I'm alone here but the misogynistic idea that the nice girl has to change herself for the guy is not appealing to me at all. I'm not much of a feminist but I find the message of you'll be happier if you slut it up a little insulting.

3. Pearl Harbor-Okay with the exception of the effects everything about this movie sucked A**. Pretty much by the end I was hoping all the main characters would die horrible painful deaths and I was disappointed that my wish only came true for one of them.

4. Shakespeare in Love- I like a happy ending or a really good tragic one. This just left me flat. And even though it's been 10 years Dave will never forgive me for making him go see this. I'm sorry but in my defence I have picked much worse movies before.

5. Moulin Rouge-I love Baz Luhrman. I love Nicole Kiddman. I love Euwan McGregor and John Leguizamo. I wanted to like this movie so much but it just never quite clicked for me and again I like a happy ending and the tragedy seemed contrived.

6. Pure Country-Up there with Pearl Harbor for the cheese factor and do you realise that the 2 main characters never even kiss. Not once! Even at the end when it's certainly implied that they kiss they freeze frame inches apart. Sorry again Dave. I know you love this movie but romantic it is not.

How 'bout you? What movies fail to do it for you.

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Michelle said...

Greese.. My mom made that comment a number of years ago. He does change too, he just doesn't have to stay that way. He does letter in track. They tried to expand on this with Greese2 and failed even more.

Gone with the Wind. 4 hours and no happy ending. Good movie but a bit of a shock when I first watched it. Although it's a good reversal of the whole standing up for yourself. Rhett deserves better!

gah, this is depressing. Let's find happy things!