Monday, July 28, 2008

It Was A Nice Weekend

So I had to update my profile. It's subtle do you see it? Yep I'm now officially a year older boo! Nah it's not that bad. I don't mind getting older I just wish I didn't look my age. It was sweet looking 18 when I was 14 not such a good thing now.

Friday a friend took me out to lunch (Hi Jubiss!) which was nice.

Saturday I woke up with my wrist all messed up so I gave it the day off on my kitchen project. My sister in law came over and baby sat while Dave took me out to a movie. We saw Wall-E and it was very cute. I was inordinately proud of myself for recognizing Michael Crawford's voice in the first 3 seconds of the film (there's a whole story about my thing with Phantom but I'll tell it another time). Then we went home and Dave grilled steaks and asparagus and we had a nice bottle of Tepranillo (sp?).

Sunday which was my actually birthday I finished the priming so now I just have to paint. Dave got me a pretty pearl an onyx necklace which I'm wearing rite now. I also got some money from my parents and grandparents with instructions to buy myself some makeup and clothes (twist my arm).My parents came over and took me to Sears to pick out a new refrigerator as an anniversary gift from my grandparents and them. Our anniversary isn't actually until next month but they were having a sale. They are supposed to deliver it today. I'm very excited I've wanted a new fridge for a couple years but it just wasn't in the budget.

Hopefully I'll finish painting the cabinets and be able to start putting the doors back up next weekend then as soon as I paint to walls (much smaller project than the cupboards) I'll be able to post some before and after pics which will now include a shinny new refrigerator yay!

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Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) said...

Happy belated Birthday! :) Sounds like you had a really good weekend! Yay!