Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Insomnia We Meet Again

It's been a bad week. Our solar panels broke so they had to send a part out for repair. The Air conditioner broke so they have to order a new part. The TV broke and they've replaced the broken part but we can't hook it back up yet because it's too big for Dave to lift alone & I'm not strong enough to help him lift it up to where it needs to be. Because we have no air conditioning I can't sleep and I can't go out in the living room and watch tv because the tv doesn't work. I've been grieving for my friends who lost a baby. Their loss also makes me think about the baby we lost last year and then I feel guilty because their tragedy is not about me. Add to all that some unfair criticism of my parenting and house keeping skills and the every day stresses of a to do list that's too long and a bank account that's too small and you have the recipe for a Dani meltdown. I can't wait for Friday.

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