Friday, May 23, 2008


It's Friday and I'm looking forward to having a glass of wine tonight after we put the baby to sleep. Maybe we'll even have a couple glasses. In my younger days I drank a lot of cocktails and I still enjoy one now and then but in the last several years I've become almost exclusively a wine drinker. Before we had Fiona we usually had a couple bottles of wine every weekend (more if my brothers in law and their wives were with us). Obviously we got out of the habit while I was pregnant but now I really appreciate an occasional glass all the more.

I love to go wine tasting and as a native I've got strong opinions where to go. Napa is of coarse famous for wine producing and most tourists also spend some time in Sonoma but in my opinion the best place to go wine tasting is Amador (in the foothills near Sacramento). Napa and Sonoma are both beautiful and have some very nice wines. I particularly like the Dry Creek area of Sonoma in fact Dave and I got married at a winery there (Lake Sonoma Winery, unfortunately since closed). What we (Dave too) really like about Amador county is the variety of wines available. The area in known for Zinfandel but they also have Barbera, Barberescu (sp?), Mouvedra, Primo Tivo, and other Italian varietals. Most of the wineries are quite small and generally don't charge a tasting fee. Being in the foothills there are also some spectacular views, Story winery in particular (Dave proposed to me there) has a truly breath taking view. If you enjoy wine and are going to be in the area I fully recommend spending some time there. I'm looking forward to taking a trip up to Amador soon myself.

I was amused to find out recently that (according to baby names world) in Latin Fiona means wine. Yep we're such drunks we named our kid after wine. Sweet perhaps we can name the next one Absynthe.

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